FNational Defence – Military Notices
33Caution when Approaching Canadian Ports

Closing of ports; Stopping of movement in ports

1Mariners are informed that, if it is necessary for the Department of National Defence to take control of certain Canadian Ports the following signals will be displayed from a conspicuous position at or near the ports concerned or by an Examination or Traffic Control Vessel.

2The signals and their meanings are:

(a)Entrance to the port prohibited.

(i)By day – Three red balls disposed vertically
(ii)By night – Three flashing red lights disposed vertically and visible all round the horizon.

(b)Entrance to the port permitted.

By night – Three green lights disposed vertically and visible all round the horizon.

(c)Movement of shipping within the port or anchorage prohibited.

(i)By day - A blue flag.
(ii)By night - Red light, green light, red light disposed vertically and visible all round the horizon.

The lights described above will be carried in addition to the ordinary navigation lights of Examination Vessels.

3Masters of vessels are warned that should they approach the entrance to a port which is being controlled by the Department of National Defence they should not enter a declared Dangerous Area or approach boom defences without permission, nor should they anchor or stop in a dangerous area or prohibited anchorage unless instructed to do so. Masters are advised therefore to communicate with any Government or Port Authority vessel found patrolling in the area to ascertain the recommended approach route to the port.


Examination service

4In certain circumstances it may be necessary to take special measures to examine, or to establish the identity of, individual vessels desiring to enter ports and to control their entry. This is the function of the Examination Service, whose officers will be afloat in Examination Vessels or Traffic Control Vessels. These Vessels will wear the distinguishing flags of the Examination Service which are:

(a)The examination service special flag and

An image of the examination service special flag, a rectangle 
         consisting of two horizontal bars, white over red, surrounded by a blue

(b)The Canadian National Flag.

5If ordered to anchor in an Examination Anchorage, Masters are warned that it is forbidden, except for the purpose of avoiding accident, to do any of the following without prior permission being obtained from the Examining Officer.

(a)To lower a boat.
(b)To communicate with the shore or with any other ship.
(c)To move the ship.
(d)To work cables.
(e) To allow any person or thing to leave the ship.

6Any passenger or member of the crew who has embarked outside of Canada must be examined by a Canadian Immigration Officer before effecting admission to Canada.


Other regulations in force

7Nothing in this precautionary Notice is to be taken as overruling any regulations issued by local authorities at particular ports or by routing authorities of the Department of National Defence.

Authority: Department of National Defence (NDHQ)

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