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Annual Edition 2024

Notices to Mariners 1 to 46
Annual Edition 2024

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Avis aux navigateurs 1 à 46
Édition annuelle 2024

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Canadian Coast Guard Programs
Aids to Navigation and Waterways
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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and the Canadian Coast Guard, 2024.

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Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

Amendment Register

Date Section Notice # Description
April 26st, 2024 E, Notice 31 Page 1
Amend: Table of regional office address
May 31st, 2024 A, Notice 5A From page 25 to page 33
Amend: 3 Marine Protected Areas in the Canadian Arctic
May 31st, 2024 A, Notice 5 Starting from page 3
Multiple amendments throughout notice: 5 General Guidelines for Aquatic Species at Risk and Important Marine Mammal Areas
June 28th, 2024 C, Notice 27A Starting from page 2
Multiple amendments throughout notice: 27A Guidelines for the Transit of Wide Beam Vessels and Long Vessels


Section A/N  
A1   Aids to Navigation
  1 Canadian Aids to Navigation System and Private Buoy Regulations
  2 Cautions in the Use of Aids to Navigation
  3 Requirements Related to the Protection of Aids to Navigation
  4 Measured Distances
A2   Marine Mammal Guidelines and Marine Protected Areas
  5 General Guidelines for Aquatic Species at Risk and Important Marine Mammal Areas
  5A General Regulatory Requirements for all Oceans Act Marine Protected Areas
  5B General Guidelines for National Parks
  5C National Marine Conservation Areas
  5D General Guidelines for National Wildlife Areas
A3   Ice Navigation
  6 Ice Navigation, Routeing and Requests for Icebreaker Assistance
  7 Information about Navigation in Ice
  7A Voyage Planning for Vessels Intending to Navigate in Canada's Northern Waters
  7B Joint Industry - Government Guidelines for the Control of Oil Tankers and Bulk Chemical Carriers in the Ice Control Zones of Eastern Canada (JIGs) TP15163
  7C Vessels Intending to Navigate in Kitikmeot Region in Canada’s Northern Waters
A4   Fishing Activity
  8 Information Concerning Fishing Vessels on the East and West Coasts of Canada
  9 Marking of Fishing Gear
  9A Closure to Crab Fishing: Deltaport and Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal
A5   Navigation Safety
  10 Routeing of Ships
  10A Mandatory Ship Reporting System
  10B Danger Message Reporting
  11 Collision Regulations
  12 Damage Caused by Excessive Speed
A6   Charts and Publications
  13 Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020, and Provisional List of Charts
  14 Canadian Nautical Charts and Publications and International Publications
A7   Obstructions
  15 Aquaculture Facilities
  16 Submarine and Overhead Cables
  17 Reports of Shoal Soundings
A8   Oil and Gas - Exploration and Exploitation of Natural Resources
  18 Lighting and Marking of Exploration and Exploitation Vessels and Platforms
  19 Lighting and Markings of Structures or Works for the Exploration and Development of Natural Resources
  20 Safety of Offshore Exploration and Exploitation Vessels
  21 Caution when Anchoring in the Proximity of Underwater Exploitation Facilities in Lake Erie
  22 Seismic Surveys
  23 General Information on Pilotage Service
  24 Navigation Safety Regulations
  25 Information Concerning Pilot Transfer Arrangements on the St. Lawrence River
  26 Additional Guidance on Pilot Transfer Arrangements
  27A Guidelines for the Transit of Wide Beam Vessels and Long Vessels
  27B General Information about Anchorage at Pointe Saint-Jean, Saint-Vallier, Saint-Nicolas and Pointe Deschambault
  27C Under Keel Clearance Table
  28 Search and Rescue in Canadian and Adjacent Waters
  28A Helicopter Evacuations Procedures by Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Helicopters
  29 Communications from Aircraft: Distress, Urgency and Safety Signals
  29A Early Notification of Search and Rescue Authorities of Developing Situations
  30 Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacons (EPIRBs) on Ships
  31 Reporting Marine Occurrences
  32 Pollution - Compliance with Canadian Regulations
  33 Caution when Approaching Canadian Ports
  34 Information Concerning Submarines
  35 Firing Practice and Exercise Areas
  36 Vital Intelligence Sightings - MERINT Reporting Procedures
  37 Handling of Unexploded Ordnance
  38 Cautions with Regard to Ships Approaching Formations, Convoys, Aircraft Carriers and Other Warships at Sea and Aircraft Carriers at Anchor
  39 Naval Messages to Canadian Merchant Ships Including Small Craft and Fishing Vessels
  40 Contamination Prediction System for Merchant Ships at Sea and the MERWARN System
  41 General Warning Regarding Steaming and Anchor Lights Exhibited by H.M.C. Ships
  42 Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Concerning the Prevention of Incidents at Sea
Note: This notice has been removed from the Annual Edition of Notices to Mariners.
  43 Caution with Regard to Ships Approaching Controlled Access Zones Surrounding His Majesty's Canadian Naval Facilities, Warships and Allied Warships while Underway, at Anchor or Stationary
  44 The International Hydrographic Organization
  45 Horizontal Datum of Charts
  46 Canadian Coast Guard Regional Offices
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