The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) Regulations, made pursuant to the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act, require that the person responsible for the ship (e.g. owner, operator, charterer, master, pilot, crew member) in Canadian waters, or a Canadian ship in any waters, report an occurrence (accident or incident) as soon as possible and by the quickest means available.

The information is to be reported to the TSB and this can be accomplished by reporting it via a marine radio station, a Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) Centre, a vessel traffic services station, a marine radio station operated by the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, a Canadian harbour radio station, or by calling the following appropriate TBS Regional Stanby number directly at:

Atlantic Region :  902-471-0820
Central Region :  418-580-3510
Pacific Region :  604-219-2414

Persons responsible for ships are reminded that penalties may be incurred by failing to report a marine occurrence. The occurrence shall also be reported in writing, within 30 days following the occurrence, by completing the appropriate form. Please note that workplace injuries on board vessels must also be reported directly to Transport Canada.

The reporting form "REPORT OF A MARINE OCCURRENCE/HAZARDOUS OCCURRENCE REPORT" (form TSB 1808 (07-2013) is bilingual, back-to-back. Mariners required to report occurrences are advised that TSB forms can be downloaded either from the TSB web site at http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/incidents-occurrence/marine/index.aspor by requesting a copy at any TSB office.

The original TSB form is to be forwarded by mail, fax or email to the following appropriate TSB Regional office address:

Pacific Region:
Adress : # 4-3071 Number Five Road 
Richmond (British Columbia) 
V6X 2T4
Phone : 604-666-5826
Facsimile: 604-666-7230
E-mail: MarineNotifications.Pacific@tsb-bst.gc.ca
Central Region:
Adress : Place de la Cité / Tour Belle Cour 
2590, boul. Laurier, bureau 700 
Québec, (Québec) 
G1V 4M6 
Phone : 418-648-3576
Facsimile: 418-648-3656
E-mail: MarineNotifications.Central@tsb-bst.gc.ca
Atlantic Region :
Adress : 150 Thorne Avenue 
Dartmouth (Nova Scotia) 
B3B 1Z2 
Phone : 902-426-2348
Facsimile: 902-426-5143
E-mail: MarineNotifications.Atlantic@tbs-bst.gc.ca

Should further information be required, please contact any of the offices listed on the reporting form.

Authority: Transportation Safety Board of Canada- Marine (TSB-Marine)